IRP – International Registration Plan

Sunshine State Tag Agency provides a complete solution for your IRP needs and our expertise ensures quick and accurate processing of your transactions. Follow the steps below to make your transaction as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1

Select your transaction type and download all the necessary documents.

Follow the checklist to complete the forms. If you have questions please contact a service provider.

New Application
Add A Vehicle/Transfer
Dot Change/Cab Card Replacement/Replacement Plate

Step 2

Bring your documents into our office or submit them by email.

If you’re visiting our office, we recommend arriving by noon so your transaction can be completed the same day. If you’re emailing the documents, please be aware that processing may take up to five or more business days. Processing times tend to be greatest during the beginning and end of the month. Once your documents are processed, a bill will be emailed to you.

Email your applications:

Submit your application in person:
Sunshine State Tag Agency IRP Office
2820 54th Ave. S.
Saint Petersburg, FL 33712

NOTE: If you need additional help with your application and documents, 3rd party service providers are available for hire to assist you.

Step 3

Once your application has been billed, make your payment and provide a label to ship.

You can make your payment by money order, cashier check, Com-check, T-check or EFS-check (Must be made payable to Sunshine State Tag Agency). Credit cards can be used with an additional fee of 3.25% of the total bill. We are unable to accept Business and Personal checks.

Sunshine State charges a fee of $40.00 per truck in addition to state/county/local fees.

Email any corrected documents / shipping labels to:

Make your Credit Card Payment Online

Sunshine State Tag Agency IRP Office
2820 54th Ave. S.
Saint Petersburg, FL 33712
Phone: (727)290-4203
Fax: (727)866-3088